Frequently Asked Questions

How does MLS Entry Only work?

Instead of signing on for our standard listing commission of 6%, you only owe 2.5% to the buyer's agent at closing. We offer this discount because you will be handling the sale of the property. Interested buyers will contact you directly for showings and negotiations. 

Can I edit the listing myself?

Unfortunately, the MLS is only accessibly by licensed real estate agents so you will not be able to edit the listing directly. However, you may email, text, or call with any change requests at any point in time. 

What are disclosures?

The residential property disclosure is required at the time an offer is written. It details any known issues and repairs of your property. If the buyer finds out that you were hiding something after the sale of the home, you may have legal recourse. The lead based paint disclosure is required for any home built before 1978.

Why do I owe a 2.5% commission?

You only owe this commission if another agent finds you a buyer. If you find your own buyer, you won't owe any commissions.